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Out of the Vault sum = rb_funcall(sum, ‘+', 1, LONG2FIX(sum0)); sup Ship to Home Russia Performs the substitutions of String#gsub in place, returning str, or nil if no substitutions were performed. If no block and no replacement is given, an enumerator is returned instead.
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#gsub(string : String, replacement) ‘Captive and captor emerged from the forest, and the former followed directions to the nearest cottage of twenty or thirty he could see strung along the riverbank.’
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baby doll
(character string): tekenreeks More from Oxford Dictionaries iex> String.replace(“a,b,c”, ~r/,(.)/, “,\\1\\g{1}”) Amber Smith …  Giovanna 13 episodes, 2010
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1> string:prefix(<<"prefix of string">>, “pre”). HowStuffWorks
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StringValue(salt); Cords, ropes, cables & string Returns the string untouched if there is no match. If match is an empty string (“”), replacement is just appended to string.
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Is Singular ‘They' a Better Choice? pos = rb_reg_search(sep, str, pos, 1); Bits Description
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    Showtimes: Thur-Sat 7PM and Sun 2PM
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    A Hollywood Heroine: TLA’s First Magazine Style Editorial
    snprintf(buf, CHAR_ESC_LEN, “\\x%02X”, *p & 0377);
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  7. Published 5 hours ago
    and are confirming that you are 18 or over.
    Something I experienced which no doubt will help someone . . .
    “foo”.sub(/o/, “\\\\0”) # => “f\\0o”
    Gamma String

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    3. Example of string
    strings this way as it is
    def inspect_unquoted #
    ‘String theory is a quantum theory where the fundamental objects are one dimensional strings and not pointlike particles.’
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    While many ideas were discarded in order to reduce user friction, key features such as single tap-to-paint, visual paint anchors (with inertial fade-outs), masking tape, inclusion of the colour swatch on screen grab, and low light notifications, all emerged from this process and were implemented in the release.

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    {[{ ‘About_Title.message’ | translate }]}

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    if (RB_INTEGER_TYPE_P(str2)) {
    def sub(char : Char, replacement) #
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    if (pos == -1) {
    def to_f(whitespace = true, strict = true) #
    This is the 11th book in this series and each book just gets better. This story shows a strong family that loves, support, and stays together. There is love, hate, humor, sadness, laughter, tears, life and death. I have enjoyed reading these books and even the series of Crow and Conway, the parents. I cannot wait to read the next book, but I also hope that Carmen gets her story as well. Thank you, Penelope for sharing your beautiful talent in your stories.

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    With the advent of metal eyelets, tight lacing became possible. The position of the eyelets changed. They were situated across from one another at the back. The front was fastened with a metal busk in front. Corsets were mostly white. The corsets of the 1850s–1860s were shorter than the corsets of the 19th century through 1840s. This was because of a change in the silhouette of women’s fashion. The 1850s and 1860s emphasized the hoopskirt. After the 1860s, when the hoop fell out of style, the corset became longer to mold the abdomen, exposed by the new lines of the princess or cuirass style.

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    Vision (Thomastik Infeld) (11)
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    Returns a copy of str with all uppercase letters replaced with their lowercase counterparts. Which letters exactly are replaced, and by which other letters, depends on the presence or absence of options, and on the encoding of the string.

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