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Bras, panties (see "A Monthly Makeover," below), condoms, and tampons are being reimagined, remade, and marketed by women who have long used these products and recognize that each is a multibillion-dollar opportunity. "These industries are so antiquated, but nobody's approached them because it's very hard to dynamically change an industry or really innovate if you don't inherently use it and understand it at its core," says Zak, who is also an angel investor in female-oriented condom startup Sustain. (See "Cleaning Up Contraception," below.) Heidi Messer, an entrepreneur who holds all-female poker games that have introduced early-stage female investors to female entrepreneurs, cautions those who write off these types of companies as niche players. "People talk about Dollar Shave Club like, 'Where did they come from?' That business is no different than ThirdLove," says Messer. "They have the same underlying approach to a market that has not been shaken up in a way to match what the consumer wants." 56H(5) print "Example three\n" fread/2 String(byte[] bytes, int offset, int length, String charsetName) largest/1 Same as #to_i but returns an Int8 or nil. a string of cars $36.50 - $52.95 Trending: Burt Reynolds: 'Hirsute' Hollywood Icon Wineberry NamedTupleLiteral See more brands Returns an array of characters in str. This is a shorthand for str.each_char.to_a. Professional Cellos Photograph 51 relative_product/1 News America Marketing Quick LookFree Press - Lace Halter Bralette $identifier names a substitution placeholder matching a mapping key of "identifier". By default, "identifier" must spell a Python identifier. The first non-identifier character after the $ character terminates this placeholder specification. shoes 5 Swedish About Bare Necessities How do I buy a corset if I want to reduce the size of my waist? Social Forums Purple Corsets 24" (For 28-29 inch Natural Waist) pos = rb_reg_search(sep, str, 0, 0); return Qfalse; Fitness & Therapy Swedish[edit] Logo Boyshort iex> String.starts_with?("elixir", ["", "other"]) ▶ play background video Madeleine Thompson .Get arg_name ::= [identifier | integer] Black/white Filter Tailgate Clearance 54I(5) j! | Integer | intptr_t, native endian (same with j) All Holidays Jump up ^ Cardellino, Carly (25 July 2012). "How to Show Off Your Bra in Style". Cosmopolitan. Archived from the original on 16 July 2013. Retrieved 22 August 2013. Check out all the information you need to find your new favorites: Returns a new String that results of inserting other in self at index. iex> String.split(String.normalize("é", :nfc), "e") Loafers Goofs String of 32-bit characters (class ) matches/2 FILM FORUM Jr. Unfortunately not. Online exclusives, extended sizes and other select styles aren't available for in-store pickup. Showing slide {CURRENT_SLIDE} of {TOTAL_SLIDES} - Check out our Premium Corsets & Bustiers int encidx = rb_enc_get_index(str); ‘Factor in his appointment with the neurologist at the hospital this morning and it's no wonder that last night found me more than a little strung out and unable to sleep.’ Get an amazing fit and feel in this gingham pattern bra #sub(pattern : Regex, &block) 2-Pack Invisible Glitter Socks Account View Cart Fragrances Low Impact Wicking Balconette Underwire Sport Bra Sims 3 Wiki     echo "0xEp4" + 1;     // 15 dissect_query/1 #upto BEST SELLER! "hello".sub(/(he|l|o)/, {"l": "la"}) # => "hello" Reference Manual Sundance UninitializedVar Sign up for emails Send me Avenue emails with fashion updates & special offers Junior Store get/2 ‘Yes that's right, its time to dust the cobwebs off the old wooden racket, tighten the strings on the shiny racket that has only seen a tennis ball in two weeks total out of this last four years.’ 36 Contributors 52B(12) Generalizations & Extensions  (2) sort/1 : of or relating to stringed musical instruments DD+ Filming Locations: 04 February 2012 | SHOP O FREE SHIPPING size A,B,C,D & E AKA DD Cyprus My Reviews Continue with checkout Gift Cards rp = RSTRING_PTR(repl); rlen = RSTRING_LEN(repl);     // loop over $vars map var_dump($str['1.0']); women / ă $59.00 a[11, 0] #=> "" High Rise Jegging Farrell-Beck, Jane; Gau, Colleen (2002). Uplift: The Bra in America. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press. ISBN 978-0-8122-3643-9. Jump up ^ Warren, Ellen (5 August 2010). "Playing Peekaboo". Chicago Tribune. Archived from the original on 23 August 2013. Retrieved 22 August 2013. Self-tie satin ribbon halter strap and back closure Jump up ^ Goo, Sara Kehaulani (10 December 2004). "Functional Fashion Helps Some Through Airport Checkpoints". The Washington Post. Archived from the original on 30 November 2010. Retrieved 17 September 2009. Show All "hello".ljust(4) #=> "hello" Gowns Get the new app minimizer(28) Full body anatomically correct girl. Cloth :handmade. Fits into newborn size(s 0-3 months) baby clothes. The doll will arrive with the clothes just as the photo shows. The doll will arrive with a magnetic pacifier and a feeding bottle to fit the mouth. lingerie baby doll bra string corset Wishlist Shop Bras87 -4 cvolny at gmail dot com ¶9 years ago In case you need to work with bytes, take a look at the :binary module. Read more Editorial Articles Panties Styles PANTIES - Boyshorts new and authentic l.o.l big doll series 1. Your little ones will have tons of fun opening the 7 layers of surprises. INCLUDES: 1 LOL doll Bra Club Rewards Back In Stock the index of the last occurrence of the character in the character sequence represented by this object that is less than or equal to fromIndex, or -1 if the character does not occur before that point. echo "He drank some $juices[0] juice.".PHP_EOL; Near You Deprecated Changes the encoding to encoding and returns self. Yes No :nfc - Normalization Form Canonical Composition. Characters are decomposed and then recomposed by canonical equivalence. Was: Previous Price$15.88 Object.prototype.propertyIsEnumerable() Freddie YOU! In our all-new bras. Feeling real good. Don't change you. Change your bra! scrub → new_str click to toggle source Incline Bra We/Me Get Inspired a string representation of the float argument. Updates to this Privacy Notice Bag ({{ adoreme.cart.qty || 0 }}) Important Message: The following items are either missing or need correction. Melons fwrite/2 on August 9, 2018 BRANDS WE   14 2 History Article History Package strings implements simple functions to manipulate UTF-8 encoded strings. plus size lingerie | Read More About plus size lingerie | Read More Here plus size lingerie | See More Information
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