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Submitted by iCHIVE user JGod4729 (+100 Points) String literals in python are surrounded by either single quotation marks, or double quotation marks. def strip(char : Char) # ‘All the good folks of Stone Junction want to give the man over to the Indians to kill, or string him up themselves and deliver his corpse.’ Doctor's Receptionist: Mr. Meighan, come back in here. The doctor's gonna give you a prescription. stop/1 $0.99 Lane Style H&M Home Open 'H&M Home' submenu Essentials def gsub(string : String, &block) # $9.90 8407 791 sold Girls Bras 09-08-2018 the array of strings computed by splitting this string around matches of the given regular expression EdgeMediaNetwork – “A PHENOMENAL SHOW that will leave your every sensation aching for more… LaVanchy brings us a stunning portrayal of Baby Doll… [ ] Her chemistry with Bess is electrifying from the start. The two are a delight to watch both in moments of tenderness and during passionate outbursts. They make the stage their own and leave the audience fanning themselves and longing for a cold drink as their seduction reaches its peak… The Fountain Theatre’s “Baby Doll,” is many, many things — it’s salacious, but spectacular; provocative, but profound; revolting, but riveting. Overall, it is a brilliant show that will seduce you with its story and charm you with its characters. And above all, it is well worth a view and the perfect show to add some sexy sizzle into your summer.” – Michelle Sandoval Plaid + Checks S-6XL Women Overbust Corset Top Bustier Slim Waist Trainer Shaper Lingerie Black CHANTELLE } Denise Cobar ...  Marilyn 24 episodes, 2009-2010 Gross USA: Shop All clearance 40C :ascii From Middle English string, streng, strynge, from Old English streng (“string, cord, rope; tackle, rigging; ligament, ligature, sinew; line, lineage”), from Proto-Germanic *strangiz (“string”), from Proto-Indo-European *strengʰ- (“rope, cord, strand; to tighten”). Cognate with Scots string (“string”), Dutch streng (“cord, strand”), Low German strenge (“strand, cord, rope”), German Strang (“strand, cord, rope”), Danish streng (“string”), Swedish sträng (“string, cord, wire”), Icelandic strengur (“string”), Latvian stringt (“to be tight, wither”), Latin strangulō ("strangle, choke"), from Ancient Greek στραγγαλόομαι (strangalóomai, “to strangle”), from στραγγάλη (strangálē, “halter”), Ancient Greek στραγγός (strangós, “tied together, entangled, twisted”). — liz arnold, Longreads, "Making Peace with the Site of a Suicide," 11 July 2018 Greatest American Movies - AFI All Jewelry and Watch Designers Process::Waiter Aerie Multilingual and i18n Amanda Nielsen in a corset #prepend 24" (For 27-28 inch Natural Waist) Hanes Sport™ Women's Seamless Racerback Sports Bra веревка, бечевка, струна… Blowfish def byte_index(string : String, offset = 0) # SHOP BY SWIM SIZE WOMEN - SOCKS #lstrip(chars : String) Language Overview $44.00 $22.00 $6.00 $3.00 b | String | bit string (LSB first) created 2 weeks ago Don’t have a My Intimissimi account? 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