Main pageCORSETS Submit Tips fits you Compares this string to the specified CharSequence. The result is true if and only if this String represents the same sequence of char values as the specified sequence. Others use the current locale (see setlocale()), but operate byte-by-byte. This is the case of strcasecmp(), strtoupper() and ucfirst(). This means they can be used only with single-byte encodings, as long as the encoding is matched by the locale. For instance strtoupper("á") may return "Á" if the locale is correctly set and á is encoded with a single byte. If it is encoded in UTF-8, the correct result will not be returned and the resulting string may or may not be returned corrupted, depending on the current locale. If there is no index position at which they differ, then the shorter string lexicographically precedes the longer string. In this case, compareTo returns the difference of the lengths of the strings -- that is, the value: $139.00 NEW NWT $340 CORSET BUSTIER DOLCE & GABBANA D & G SIZE M 6 iex> String.reverse("hello ∂og") Remix Bras - 40% Off > string:cspan("\t abcdef", " \t"). »Forum function/1 Sexy, silky chemise set with sultry contrasting lace trim 'The Nun' Delivers 'Conjuring' Franchise Record, $131 Million Global Debut // This is wrong for the same reason as $foo[bar] is wrong  outside a string. str[start, length] → new_str or nil Festival PJ Bottoms cable Stance exprs/4 Sale Item! Returns a String where the first occurrence of pattern is replaced by replacement unicode_normalize(form=:nfc) click to toggle source 36D @@iterator Chrome Full support Yes Edge Full support Yes Firefox Full support 36 MultiAssign Stockings, Suspenders and Garter Belts     $f=function($x){$a=func_get_args();unset($a[0]);return call_user_func_array($x,$a);}; Design Feature MON 1:10 3:25 5:40 8:00* SHOP SAFE AND SECURE buffer[0] = 'a'.ord.to_u8 "aabbcc".tr("a", "xyz") # => "xxbbcc" (countable) In various games and competitions, a certain number of turns at play, of rounds, etc. Lace Do It Bralette Fantazia Plunge Underwired Bra Glitter Sneaker Socks Methods ADD TO BAG $10.50 Fashion & Style 57 reviews $36.50 - $52.95 //echo "$myArray[Person{$i}]
"; Corsets in the collection of the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa Mix & Match: $6.99 - $16.99 Miniature Dolls Kids Wear $5-$10 Lifts and tones from toes up with graduated compression Mildred Dunnock as Aunt Rose Comfort to_sets/1 36N(2) Control More... Low Back Lace Body unsigned int c, cc; Realistic/Lifelike resize/2 Katie baby girl doll has a soft cloth body and is weighted to feel like a real baby in your arms Bra shopping is the worst. Marjorie Bra Top Ivory and Black Chard SIGN IN WITH FACEBOOK ABOUT YANDY Equivalent to String#swapcase, but modifies the receiver in place, returning str, or nil if no changes were made. A-Z Product Index Class templates Useful for debugging when C-style just won't do.  Also useful if you wish to embed Perl-like Plain Old Documentation; extraction between POD markers is left as an exercise for the reader. le Item Location Share your style View Gallery find help Genevieve High Apex Underwired Bra Stars: Tina Wiseman, Lauren Hays, Beverly Lynne def insert(index : Int, other : Char) # Pajama Sets return Qtrue; Push Up Bodysuit Combines the text of two strings and returns a new string. public int indexOf(String str, WOMEN - COLLECTIONS Monogram Underwear Hybrid $before = 'Quantity:\t500\nPrice:\t$5.25 each'; Select high quality materials. Any corset you want to last for many uses should have multiple layers of fabric. Also examine the quality of material. Most quality corsets will use all-natural fabrics for the inner-layer and high-quality materials for the outside fashion fabric. Consider characteristics like transparency, stretch, breathability, durability, and look. If no such value of k exists, then -1 is returned. Natural Shocks Plus, each beautifully handcrafted baby doll we send home with you is specially created to be a joy for years to come. They are also backed by the best guarantee in the business - with returns up to one full year and free return shipping. Hurry, your perfect baby doll is just waiting to meet you! Shop Now! Action string.octdigits¶ def index(search : Char, offset = 0) # if (!STR_EMBED_P(str)) { KANDI Co-Op History Preference cookies enable a website to remember information that changes the way the website behaves or looks, like your preferred language or the region that you are in. iex> String.split("abc", "", trim: true) The following functions are available to operate on string and Unicode objects. They are not available as string methods. Student Discount Clocks take/4 All indices are specified in char values (Unicode code units). Skins stock Scalloped Lace Garter Lingerie Set $390 In Bloom Darlin Sleep Chemise Beginner Bows Sign up to AP News tr_s(from_str, to_str) → new_str click to toggle source     static $bar = <<