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Donate to Wikipedia This message cannot be specifically masked with @$string[7], as is possible when $string itself is unset. #else >>> Template('Give $who $100').substitute(d) Beauty A Shameless Little Con (Shameless #1) case '\f': cc = 'f'; break; On the Move Sleep Bags Catalogs & Mailers Funniest Scenes Top 100 Films of All-Time Quick LookCalvin Klein - Logo Boyshort Shop by style cover ups Contributors to this page: ExE-Boss, fscholz, vqrs, ryanmurakami, jameshkramer, shanehoban, SphinxKnight, teoli, myakura, evilpie, arai, Mingun, Havvy, Sheppy, ethertank, trevorh, lmorchard, timoxley, Sevenspade, Ms2ger, Jürgen Jeka, Chris Chittleborough, Mgjbot, Potappo, Maian, Dria 983 Bridal Luxe Robe & Lingerie Sets Warm Weather Made For Mama gsub!(pattern, replacement) → str or nil click to toggle source lingerie baby doll bra string corset (800) 248-7427 On Point Mesh and Lace Bra Set rustic charmfall decorglitz & glam peek_r/1 Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Wikipedia® is a registered trademark of the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization. basename/1 "JonL".replace('q', 'x') returns "JonL" (no change) obj - an Object. Home / Doll Accessories extra wide width boots Concatenates the given object(s) to str. If an object is an Integer, it is considered a codepoint and converted to a character before concatenation. mules & slides fontcolor Yes Yes Yes 4 Yes Yes Yes int limit) Keyhole Bra - Black def byte_slice(start : Int) # Do you serve targeted advertising? control_expressions.rdoc Strappy No-Wire Chiffon Teddy #char_index_to_byte_index(index) 2.3 A group of racehorses trained at one stable. Drama | History | Romance parse_transform/2 Zig Zag Feeding Seat Neighborhoods ‘The trouble with tennis these days is that a helpless child could hit a serve at a 100 mph because of them strings!’ Values & Sustainability Rhonda Shear Mesh Dot Pin-Up Bra 3-pack with Removable Pads Sheer Lace Lingerie Slip and Thong Panty Set gsub!(pattern, hash) → str or nil piccolo func (r *Reader) Len() int Neutral Hues Fine adult collectible, not intended for children under 14. Kush Steamy Nights Lace Bodysuit Shareholders are concerned because they no longer really know who is pulling the strings at the bank. 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There is no verification that the results of appending strings are valid or normalized. Productive, early icebox melon with dark green stripes and crisp bright yellow flesh. SendAction Scalable Cloud else if (!(spat = rb_fs_check(spat))) { Theme Days Third Parties for Marketing and Other Purposes. We may share with selected third party partners, including for their direct marketing purposes (please see below for your choices related to this sharing). Waist Trainer Cincher Shaper Underbust Shapewear Control Tummy Women Body Corset Fully adjustable stretch straps allow for the perfect fit sum = LONG2FIX(sum0); $45.00 Atomic Olive Green Steam Vest Overbust Corset Body Chains & Chokers rb_str_lines(int argc, VALUE *argv, VALUE str) ‘And judging by the way I was so strung out when I got here that anything could start tears, a bit more space would be ‘useful’.’ FREE2B Plus B Sporty Tank Fragments of linen textiles found in East Tyrol in Austria dated to between 1440 and 1485 are believed to have been bras. Two of them had cups made from two pieces of linen sewn with fabric that extended to the bottom of the torso with a row of six eyelets for fastening with a lace or string. One had two shoulder straps and was decorated with lace in the cleavage.[18][19] :fallback Site Information Navigation Hold That Pose (4) words/1 7.1 Corset dress ‘Favourites in days gone by included lifting gates off hinges and re-hanging them the wrong way round, tying door-knockers together with string and knocking on doors and running away.’ insert(index, other_str) → str click to toggle source Subscribe Now Log In 0 Settings bodysuits The feminist author Iris Marion Young wrote in 2005 that the bra "serves as a barrier to touch" and that a braless woman is "deobjectified", eliminating the "hard, pointy look that phallic culture posits as the norm." Without a bra, in her view, women's breasts are not consistently shaped objects but change as the woman moves, reflecting the natural body.[126] Other feminist anti-bra arguments from Young in 2005 include that training bras are used to indoctrinate girls into thinking about their breasts as sexual objects and to accentuate their sexuality.[126] Young also wrote in 2007 that, in American culture, breasts are subject to "[c]apitalist, patriarchal American media-dominated culture [that] objectifies breasts before such a distancing glance that freezes and masters."[127] The academic Wendy Burns-Ardolino wrote in 2007 that women's decision to wear bras is mediated by the "male gaze".[128] 2XL(44) "hello".lchop("eh") # => "hello" Which of the following does a philhellene like? long_river_name.split("") # => ["M", "i", "s", "s", "i", "s", "s", "i", "p", "p", "i"] All Jackets + Coats Jackets Coats Work Blazers Suits Size 26-28 Coats & Jackets out_edges/2 Regular price $125.00 3 Cross Back Seamless Bra Long Sleeve Persephone velvet-trimmed satin underwired balconette bra Caftans & Patio Dresses7 $realLast = $str[strlen($str)-1];  //string(1) "." #to_sym Nose: Nostrils are open, as if the Baby Doll is breathing. Eyes: Artificial implantation with Acrylic. Material: Gentle touch vinyl head and limbs and weighted cloth body for a real baby feel, non-toxic and eco-friendly. You can use a backslash followed by an u and four hexadecimal characters to denote a unicode codepoint written: Karrsin Sport Bras - 40% Off It panics if count is negative or if the result of (len(s) * count) overflows. Since the late 20th century, the fashion industry has borrowed the term "corset" to refer to tops which, to varying degrees, mimic the look of traditional corsets without acting as them. While these modern corsets and corset tops often feature lacing or boning, and generally imitate an historical style of corsets, they have very little, if any, effect on the shape of the wearer's body. Genuine corsets are usually made by a corsetmaker and are frequently fitted to the individual wearer. Wristlets & Wallets If obj is not an instance of String but responds to to_str, then the two strings are compared using obj.==. lingerie | Click Here For More Information lingerie | Click Here To Find Out More lingerie | Click Here To Find Out More About This
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