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(countable) In various games and competitions, a certain number of turns at play, of rounds, etc. rfc3339_to_system_time/2 01 $24.99 iex> String.replace_leading("hello world", "hello ", "ola ") ‘‘Company was a bunch of one-act plays they strung together musically,’ says Holmes.’ family_range/1 the string itself. A UTF-8 encoded binary. Active Swim Your browser or device may offer settings that allow you to choose whether browser cookies are set and to delete them.  For more information about these controls and to exercise your cookie preferences, visit your browser or device's help material.  If you choose to reject cookies, as noted above, you may not be able to use certain features of our websites and services. q_ q! | Integer | signed long long, native endian (ArgumentError TheatreMania – “EXCITING TO WATCH!… With the seduction at its center, the tone of Levy’s production waves between dark humor, heat, and menace… In Bess’ hands, Sylva is all smoothness and cunning. In 1952 Mississippi, Italians were only slightly less marginalized than the African-Americans who work in Archie Leigh’s factory, and Bess’ seductiveness is laced with a cold streak. Prosky’s Archie Lee is as cruel as he is physically grimy, but even he can work a giggle or two out of a tender moment with his Baby Doll — before he resorts to threats and violence, that is. The arresting LaVanchy anchors this production, and not just because of her character’s four-alarm sexuality. The actress lets us witness the desperate danger of Baby Doll’s plight and the transformation from girl to woman that is taking place at the worst possible time. The character has had it rough, and it’s clear we are watching the last hours of her innocence. LaVanchy locates the fear and the deep sadness of Baby Doll… sizzling!” – Evan Henerson Vanishing 10 sold Debug Soft Eyelash Lace Babydoll Set Returns the string representation of the char array argument. A UTF-8 codepoint. It may be one or more bytes. from Amazon 6pm 2.2 Pronunciation Empty strings seem to be no real strings, because they behave different to strings containing data. Here is an example. 866-735-4454 To remove a suffix, use TrimSuffix instead. GG H HH I pos += len; Copyright (c) The University of Glasgow 2007 3XL For USA Size 12-14 $16.99 compare at  $28 gsub!(pattern, replacement) → str or nil click to toggle source split/3 Black Corsets Best Black and White Cinematography – Boris Kaufman :nfc - Normalization Form Canonical Composition. Characters are decomposed and then recomposed by canonical equivalence. New Arrivals All Sleep $89 Alien String Orion High-waist Open Brief The corset's been around long enough to develop quite the extensive vocabulary, along with a lot of misconceptions. In the next section, we'll dispel some of the freaky myths and legends you might have heard about these unique garments. BRA STYLE GUIDE Hover to zoom. Nova Bra Black Gift Registry STELLA MCCARTNEY Florence Fluttering Bodysuit 36B Open Later. Change delivery time (View Available Hours) Gamepedia #<=>(other : self) ‘Cut the melon in halves, spoon out the seeds and strings.’ def chomp(suffix : Char) # Loading Products (724) ‘Raw strings and belting brass convey the hell-on-earth of the Dutchman's existence.’ Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer or device when you visit our sites. Cookies allow a website to recognise a particular device or browser. The use of cookies is a standard practice among websites to collect information about visitors’ activities and to make using websites easier for you. lighting $14.99 USD I really like this bra! It’s very comfortable, © 2018 The Manhattan Toy Company. All rights reserved. Cellist Alisa Weilerstein on Latest Album, Trondheim Soloists & Bach’s Cello Suites dtrace_probes.rdoc 40N(2) See all phrasal verb meanings func FieldsFunc ¶ replace() Searches a string for a specified value, or a regular expression, and returns a new string where the specified values are replaced Translates str in place, using the same rules as String#tr. Returns str, or nil if no changes were made. WHEN YOU READ THIS LETTER If there is not a valid number at the start of this string, or if the resulting integer doesn't fit an Int32, an ArgumentError is raised. lingerie baby doll bra string corset Bare Plunge Full Cup $5.21 Sort by check/2 Returns a new string created by replacing occurrences of pattern in subject with replacement. Used to find a match between a regular expression and a string, and to replace the matched substring with a new substring. Andrés Sardá Jennifer Korbin ...  Lacey Summers 26 episodes, 2009-2010 brave This shopping feature will continue to load items. In order to navigate out of this carousel please use your heading shortcut key to navigate to the next or previous heading. Retailer Inquiries A complete mock of television If a valid align value is specified, it can be preceded by a fill character that can be any character and defaults to a space if omitted. It is not possible to use a literal curly brace (“{” or “}”) as the fill character when using the str.format() method. However, it is possible to insert a curly brace with a nested replacement field. This limitation doesn’t affect the format() function. return str3; literals.rdoc umerge/3 $str = 'This is a test.'; CLEARANCE - men's >>> total = 22 Heart Lace Bralette Featured New Arrivals Best Sellers Online Only Everyday Basics Oh-So Plush! New Looks We Love Chill. Play. Move. Leggings Real You Sizing #AerieREAL #AerieSupports #AerieREAL Pop-Up Tour Buyers Guide 2465 S. Industrial int offset, Cross Wrap Lace Bralette CLEARANCE - Shapewear If you are not completely satisfied with your Forever 21.com purchase, you may return it with your invoice to any Forever 21 store or by mail. Please see our Return & Exchanges Policy for details. Women's Fitted Corset Natori Shangri La Nightgown concat() Joins two or more strings, and returns a new joined strings SIGN IN WITH FACEBOOK 1.37 : 1 14 reviews Open Cup Crotchless Teddy rb_str_delete_prefix_bang(VALUE str, VALUE prefix) Baby Doll: You left me over there! Bridal18 Underwear (1,192) function stringExpand($subject, array $vars) { Get exclusive Discounts & new styles Crime-Gangster beginIndex - the begin index, inclusive. delete_key/1 See all phrasal verb meanings Item Colour string noun (SERIES) Limited Time - Take 40% Off Smoothing Panties Eyeshadow You can pluck the strings on a guitar with your fingers or a plectrum. Returns a string where all leading and trailing Unicode whitespaces have been removed Steampunk if (sym) { Mystery and intrigue are the new sexy and we believe that all women can benefit from our sassy and safe community where uniqueness is valued and labels are lame! We want to use unique pieces coupled with a little sparkle, moxie, and shine to make you feel like the vixen we know you are. 5 4_4 After Hours startsWith Yes 36 Yes 17 Yes 9 Yes On your return form, check off the items you wish to return and list the return reason code(s). Fields  break point 35,31 лв. or any 3/77,03 лв. Brocade Logo + func (*Reader) Seek ¶ the index of the first occurrence of the character in the character sequence represented by this object that is greater than or equal to fromIndex, or -1 if the character does not occur. Ripped str[range] = aString *q++ = '"'; Sets & suits Baby Gear & Essentials family_to_digraph/2 Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest codepoints → an_array click to toggle source Shop Our Best Selling Bra Styles This ends up invoking Object#to_s(IO) on each expression enclosed by #{...}. A backslash can be used to denote some characters inside the string: boolean equals(Object anObject) satchels